So you like fitness and want to make a career out of it? Of course you do, otherwise, you wouldn’t have landed on this page!

Not a trainer, but know someone in the industry you think would be a good fit for Fuel? We also welcome referrals too!

External trainers (space rental), scroll to the bottom of the page.

As a team who values a performance lifestyle community, we’re always looking for all-star trainers to contribute to and grow our team.

At Fuel we’re looking for trainers who not only have a love for fitness, but also an understanding and passion for contributing to the business side too. Many of our trainers do our video production, social media, events, merchandise and administrative tasks; in addition to leading awesome classes. We place a big emphasis on a predictable and regular schedule for our trainers to ensure everyone is living our sustainable lifestyle. Fuel is a premium brand, and with our high service-level expectations also comes a very competitive compensation package for our trainers.

Fuel Values…

Being Better

  • Always improving
  • Take accountability, own mistakes and learn from them
  • Be receptive to feedback and implement/apply

Quality Over Quantity

  • Form first, safety above all else
  • Progressions and modifications
  • Hands on with form correction and prioritize movement patterns


  • Acknowledge everyone by their first name and if you don’t know it, introduce yourself as soon as you make eye contact.
  • Want to know people and care
  • Recognize milestones
  • Inclusivity, introduce new members and get them involved in the conversation

Ridiculous Responsiveness

  • Respond to all communication fast
  • Follows communication protocol

Personal Empowerment

  • Own and solve problems immediately. Doesn’t just identify them
  • Suggest solutions that satisfy the situation/member
  • Continuously seek opportunities to innovate and improve Fuel

Respect The Facility

  • Complete end of shift log to ensure all tasks are complete
  • Treat the facility as if it’s your own place
  • Bring facility back to reset and clean if visually, it appears below our standards

Staying on Brand

  • Represents Fuel in a positive and respectful manner at and away from the club including social media
  • Uses Fuel vocabulary to describe brand specific points such as “members” vs. clients. Refer to vocabulary in brand guidelines for a full list
  • Wears proper Fuel attire while training
  • Demonstrates and promotes the Fuel’s pillars of health (part of integration).

Contributing to the Team

  • Take as much vacation as you want, but cover the equal amount
  • Always speak highly and fondly of each other
  • Participates in team workouts.
  • Participates in Fuel Classes.
  • Helps out team members in need.

If this sounds appealing to you, the next step to joining our team is to apply for our Career Integration Program.

We carefully review all applications and those candidates who are selected to start the program, can expect 3 phases:

Phase 1: Member Experience

You’ll be given a Fuel Unlimited membership for up to 3 months. During your this phase, you’ll be expected to attend a minimum of 3 classes/week, participate in events, take part in feedback sessions and ask lots of questions! These 3 months will allow you to gain a better understanding of how we work, while also allowing for both of us to further evaluate our interest and capabilities.

Phase 2: Integration

If the Member Experience is successful and you are accepted into Phase 2 (and you want to continue), you will start leading classes! We will start off having you shadow some of our other trainers during their classes, then gradually leading components of a class yourself, to a full class and then final review. This is a huge learning phase and the most exciting! The timing of this phase typically lasts around one month.

Phase 3: Career!

Phase 3 is all about proceeding with an official offer and agreeing on things like compensation, schedules, and getting you familiar with our systems, and everything else needed to release you into the wild. This phase typically includes a few one-hour meetings to review all, then you’re into the full swing of things!

Trainer Requirements:

  • Kinesiology, Exercise Physiology or equivalent University Degree. If these aren’t attained, then a very strong case why you don’t believe you need them should be made.
  • DTS Level 1 Certification– or registered prior to the end of the career phase.
  • Physical ability to meet our fitness and conditioning standards.
  • Confident and outgoing personality.
  • Passion for all things fitness (duh!)

External Trainers:

  • Must apply through the same process as Fuel Trainers, however, there’s no Career Integration.
  • We hand pick external trainers who embody the same (applicable) Fuel values
  • Training sessions are limited to private training (1 on 1) or semi-private training (1 on 2)
  • Training sessions are limited between and/or outside of our classes
  • We run a subscription based model, fees are due at the beginning of each month and automatically renew. Rates are discussed only after an application has been submitted.

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