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At Fuel, we define what “better” means to each member and create tailored paths to achieve it. We remove the most-common excuses and obstacles preventing growth (like getting bored—for one), so all you have to do is show up for our small group fitness classes, and our expert trainers will help find your better.

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As an overweight teen who only started to take control over my diet and exercise in my early 20s, it’s taken a lot to reorient my attention away from the numbers on the scale and counting calories. Only since joining Fuel in the last year have I begun to realize that those are not the numbers that matter and start to pay attention to how many hours of sleep I get, the weights that keep increasing on my barbell, how fast I can run that 1 km, how the numbers of banded pull-ups I can do slowly goes up while the height I need for assisted push ups goes down. More than anything, I notice how few times I get sick, how many mornings I wake up feeling great, and how the things that used to feel impossible—biking up that hill on Bathurst, helping a friend move—now feel easy. So so grateful to the incredible folks at Fuel that have made all this possible. The trainers are amazing, the community is super welcoming and the workouts are always challenging.

Gabby Moser

Amazing gym with great programming, instructors and lots of class options! I would highly recommend Fuel!

Katie Traunero

Fuel Moms has given me the strength and energy I need to keep up with an active baby. It has raised my self esteem and put me in better shape than I was pre-baby. I’ve met so many other like-minded moms through this class and will truly miss the awesome instructors and other mamas when I return to work.

Small Group Classes near Roncesvalles

Melissa Da Silva

Best place to workout to guarantee you get fit, have fun and don't get hurt. I highly recommend it. I went from being a couch potato, to their classess, and it was hard, but in 4 months I made huge changes to my physique. I stayed for a year then I moved far away and haven't found anything as great. Do yourself a favour! Get back out there!

Naturopathic Doctor Kaylee Alton

Fuel Training Club is hands down the best gym in the Canada. There isn't another gym in the country that offers the same type of structure that Fuel does. It's not cross fit or powerlifting. It's not the type of gym where you come in and workout on your own. They have extremely knowledge and friendly trainers that guide you through each session with proper technique to prevent injury. As a guy, if you're keen on having a healthy looking, built, lean, athletic frame, I would highly recommend Fuel. It's also very CLEAN. It is not dirty looking or grungy. Go Fuel yourself.

Paul Wells

Love these classes! As a mom of two, I’ve tried lots of classes aimed at new moms but found fuel moms to be the best for delivering a great workout that also helped with postpartum recovery. I’ve learned (the hard way) that there is more to it than jumping back into excercising as before... these ladies provide great guidance and really know their stuff!

Small Group Classes near Roncesvalles

Jenny Daly

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