Greg Hetherington

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Greg Hetherington

Just another adventure on Greg’s quest to master fitness. From playing in the Little League World series as a 12 year old, as an All-Canadian receiver at McGill University where he obtained his degree in Kinesiology, then drafted and played in the C.F.L., named one of Toronto’s top 10 trainers and now taking his extensive knowledge and experience to form Toronto’s most exclusive Training Club.

“Health is a lifestyle choice” say’s Hetherington, “It needs to fit into who you are”. This statement is evident as Fuel Training Club promotes a "work harder, train harder" mentality and is conveniently located in one of Toronto’s most affluent young professional neighbourhoods. “Training for life is a cliché, but even still, most people don’t do it. Who says you need to be a full time athlete to look and feel like one? We show you how to integrate fitness into your lifestyle.”


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