Terms - Fuel Training Club

Terms of Use

By purchasing a membership and signing this document, I agree with and accept the following terms and conditions:

Auto Renewing Membership Plans: All memberships plans will automatically renew unless you stop it from renewing. Passes do not auto renew but expire 1 year after purchase if they have not been used.

Account Change Policy: All account changes including modifications and cancellations can be done directly from your account.

No show/Late Cancellation Policy: You can cancel a class up until 8 hours prior to its start. If you cancel within 8 hours, it’s considered a “late cancel” and is subject to a $20 fee. If you do not show up for a registered class, it is considered a “no show” and there is a $35 fee. Our “late cancellation” and “no show” policy is in place to ensure that members are only signing up for classes to which they can 100% attend so that we can keep our small group class schedule convenient to book for you. This policy is in place regardless of how many people are enrolled into a class. If you are unsure that you can attend a class, we recommend not booking in advance.

Changing Classes: You can change into an earlier class if registered in a later class, even within the 8 hours with no penalty so long as you remove yourself from the later class. Failure of removing yourself from a later class will result in a late cancellation fee. Please note that the system will list you as a late cancel but when the class is confirmed you will not be charged. You cannot switch into a later class within 8 hours without late cancelling the earlier class unless you are on a waitlist.

Class Waitlist Policy: Classes have waitlists when they are full. If you are signed up on a waitlist and a space opens up, you will automatically be enrolled up to 1 hour prior to the class. If you are on a waitlist it is your responsibility to remove yourself from the waitlist if you no longer wish to participate in that class to avoid cancellation charges. You can switch into a class on which you are waitlisted while booked in another class, whether it be before or after the waitlisted class with no penalty so long as you remove yourself from the class in which you were previously registered.

Refund policy: There are no refunds on memberships. Memberships are non-transferable.

Insufficient Funds: Please note that all insufficient funds on direct deposit transactions will be a charged a $20 fee.

For more information and support, please visit our Self Help Desk