Fuelosophies - Fuel Training Club


Our Lifestyle specific training emphasizes two key elements: Form & Function

+ Form

All exercises must be learned how to be performed correctly otherwise the individual cannot progress. Working on form is constant and will help improve your fitness and reduce the risk of injury. We do this by grooving proper movement patterns through repetition and improving the body’s range of motion through mobility exercises.

+ Function

All exercises are what’s know as “Functional movements”. These exercises are designed to improve your body’s function and mimic human movement patterns outside the gym i.e. picking something up from the ground. In short, they help you become a better human being.

Movement Principals


The ability to move. We start all classes with a mobility and/or movement preparation and it’s important to make those exercises specific to the workout about to be performed. Learning how to perform the movement as well as tissue prep using bands, balls and calisthenic.

Movement before Strength

If you can’t perform an exercise through the full range of motion, we provide suitable exercises that will help you achieve a full range of motion. Until then, resistance is minimized the goal is to achieve the movement before increasing strength.


Simply put as the ability improve muscle performance. Strength comes in a number of ways and we approach this with a variety of functional movements using resistance (movements that mimic things you do outside of a gym). Whether it’s core, lower, upper or any combination; the key component is improving each one.


Improving your heart and lungs though: metabolic (high intensity) intervals, circuits, races, sprints in individual and team environments.

Evaluating and Measuring Progress

What gets measured gets managed. Our memberships (excluding Fuel Starters) includes a Fuel Plans where set some baseline goals and measure your body composition. This gets measured every 4 months. Additionally, we post and encourage tracking of our workouts so that you can see your progress weekly at https://www.wodconnect.com/fuel-training-club/feed

Other services


Although our core competency is fitness, we teach a nutrition system called Nutrition Compliance. You’re not dieting or counting calories, you’re simply evaluating your meal intake as “compliant” or “non-compliant”. This is established in your fuel plan but essentially, the more compliant you are, the better your body composition will become and the more fat you will lose. You can exercise all you want but you can’t outrun a bad diet.