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Fitness Events

Fuelbine – A Fitness Party

Fuelbine is our tri-annual fitness party. Conditioning and cocktails (not together) is the theme of this friendly fitness competition. Come watch, participate but always have fun. Hit your 1 rep max, get your 200 m time and improve your previous results!

Track & Fuel

A celebration of a year’s worth of reps, sweat, and a few tears. Track and Fuel was our way of celebrating a successful year and giving something back to our members that helped make it all possible. This free fitness event, hosted at the Club, saw a friendly but competitive team relay race that includes running, jumping, carrying and throwing. This mega workout was followed by a glutinous BBQ and drinks.

The BenchMark

Test out your endurance with these 4 High Intensity workouts in 2 hours in a format competition that’s as social as it is tough. Lowest combined time wins.

Hiit the 6ix

Our Toronto Fitness Community workout. Circuit stations throughout the city focussing on Athletic, Strength and Hiit training.