Equipment - Fuel Training Club

The Equipment

Specifically designed for small group personal training.

Fuel Training Club has every piece of equipment hand picked to offer the best in small group personal training. What does that mean exactly? Maximizing workout effeciency and offering exercise versatility. We want to keep our members happy and engaged, so in order to do that we aim to offer scalability and variety in your workouts. Standard gyms filled with bulky, stationary machines make workouts monotonous. At Fuel, we use high intensity, dynamic movements that provide a more full body workout approach, increasing strength and conditioning.

At Fuel, you’ll find:

TRX, kettlebells, barbells and bumpers, power blocks, Woodway Curve treadmills, erg rowing machines, Assault bikes, med balls and accessories such as resistance bands, battle ropes, parachutes, skipping ropes, weight sleds, plus a whole lot more. We’re constantly expanding and always looking for new techniques and new equipment to keep members excited about their next workout.

It’s our mission to help our members learn how to train properly. If you’re new to weight lifting, or need improvement on your technique, the small groups allow us to train you based on your needs. We’ll provide modifications and necessary instruction to progress regardless of your ability.