Class Descriptions

Designed to be scalable for all levels.

Our small group personal training classes are 50 minutes long and limited to 12 participants to keep the training quality high. Our workouts are made up of the following principals:

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+ Athletic

Athletic training consists of “sport like” activity such as sprinting and plyometrics. Sprintervals can regularly be seen in our programming, using our self-powered treadmills (similar to a hamster wheel for humans!) along with other various athletic movements that mimic sport and functional movements.

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+ Strength

One of our primary focuses is ensuring all members are lifting with proper form, and ensuring we are educating all members on proper lifting techniques. Strength classes are all scalable to each member’s ability and each movement is proficiently learned prior to loading up any weight. Barbells, kettlebells and dumbbells can all frequently be found in the strength position of our classes with deadlifts, squats, pull and presses as our primary movements.

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+ HiiT

Hight Intensity Interval Training or HIIT is the basis for our conditioning and circuits. HIIT consists of varied work and rest periods such as a tabata protocol that uses 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest.

Class Types

+ Fuel Training

These are our weekday classes that follow a monthly program schedule. We change up the workouts daily, keep the primary lifts consistently weekly and provide daily varied conditioning. We typically focus on strength 3x week and Athletic/Hiit 2xweek. Since we follow a weekly progression, new skills are introduced at the beginning of a month and progressed towards the end. Follow along in our workout tracking software wodconnect wodconnect

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+ Fuel Conditioning

Our weekend classes. We focus more on Hiit and Athletic Conditioning. Structured for all abilities but less skill work involved and novice first-timers are encouraged to start here.

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+ Super Circuit

Our holiday edition class. Different vibe with a 24 participant class max, high energy circuits, lots of conditioning, lots of fun.

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+ Fitness Parties

Held quarterly, we host fitness events where a workout followed by a party happen at one or all of our locations. We provide the fun, food and beer you provide the sweat. Check them out (link to events)

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