Class Descriptions

Designed to be scalable for all levels.

We focus on lifestyle specific training vs. competition training. If you’re not comfortable or injured, we’ll provide a modified exercise or what we like to call a “pre-gression”. Workouts are 50 min long and designed for the urban professional who want effective and efficient workouts to improve their goals. Workouts are fun, results oriented and programmed to keep your body improving. Exercises are carefully balanced to decrease risk (injury) and increase reward (results).

Our Lifestyle specific training emphasizes two key elements: Form & Function

+ Form

All exercises must be learned how to be performed correctly otherwise the individual cannot progress. Working on form is constant and will help improve your fitness and reduce the risk of injury. We do this by grooving proper movement patterns through repetition and improving the body’s range of motion through mobility exercises.

+ Function

All exercises are what’s know as “Functional movements”. These exercises are designed to improve your body’s function and mimic human movement patterns outside the gym i.e. picking something up from the ground. In short, they help you become a better human being.

Class Types

Keep in mind

All classes require online registration. To keep the quality high, numbers are kept low and we cannot guarantee a space available for all walk-ins. Sign up and register for a class here.

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Fuel Training

0-15 min: Mobility and Movement Prep
15-50 min: Strength and Conditioning exercises programmed specifically for people committing full time. 

* Structured for all abilities but limited booking to Fuel members. First timers please refer to our Fuel Trial offer.
** Stretches are provided and encouraged to do post workout

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Fuel Conditioning

0-15 min: Mobility and Movement Prep
15-50 min: Conditioning based workout that includes resistance training, high intensity intervals and team workouts.

* Structured for all abilities but encouraged for first timers
** Stretches are provided and encouraged to do post workout

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Super Circuit

Super Circuit

Our holiday edition class. 24 class max, high energy, lots of conditioning, lots of fun.

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The ability to move. We start all classes with a mobility and/or movement preparation and it’s important to make those exercises specific to the workout about to be performed. Learning how to perform the movement as well as tissue prep using bands, balls and calisthenic.

Movement before Strength

If you can’t perform an exercise through the full range of motion, we provide suitable exercises that will help you achieve a full range of motion. Until then, resistance is minimized the goal is to achieve the movement before increasing strength.
Check out “Advanced exercise is mastering basic movements” Kevin Darby from Darby Training Systems


Simply put as the ability improve muscle performance. Strength comes in a number of ways and we approach this with variety of functional movements using resistance (movements that mimic things you do outside of a gym). Whether it’s core, lower, upper or any combination; the key component is improving each one.


Improving your heart and lungs though: metabolic (high intensity) intervals, circuits, races, sprints in individual and team environments.

Evaluating and Measuring Progress

Evaluating comes from tracking your workouts and our quarterly Fuel Plan. We also provide a “Fitness Party”, our Fuelbine, that includes a friendly fitness competition and socializing. We also post all of our workouts at

Other services

Fitness B.S. Detox

Our curriculum rids your mind and plaguing others from marketing catch words/phrases such as, but not limited to:

Unfortunately/fortunately, you’ll be forced to hold yourself accountable, understand less attractive yet accurate statements (excluding hashtags) such as metabolize, stabilize, mobilize, your diet affects your appearance not your trainer etc.

Side effects of our Curriculum

Enjoyment, increased fitness, feeling better, improved sleep, reduce chronic injury. As for appearance, you decide whether or not you look better, not us or anyone else.