The Fuel Difference

Small Group Classes

Groups capped at sixteen members create a supportive and fun “in-this-together” atmosphere while enabling our trainers to give each member personal attention (some say too much attention). [Learn More About Small Group Training]

Dynamic Programming

Workouts change daily and focus on accessibility for new members and engagement for veterans; prioritize movement quality & safety; and are made to be fun without compromising the sweat or real, measurable progress. [View Today's Workout]

Knowledgeable (Awesome) Trainers

Our trainers are experts in movement standards and are hands-on in class to ensure members are working safely and efficiently. Plus: they'll remember your name and ask your favourite type of pie. [Meet the Team]

The Fuel Community

We strive to create an awesome atmosphere and owe a ton to the members who contribute to the fun, inclusive, and (if it’s your thing) competitive environment that makes coming to class more hangout—less ordeal.  [See our Community Events]

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