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As an overweight teen who only started to take control over my diet and exercise in my early 20s, it’s taken a lot to reorient my attention away from the numbers on the scale and counting calories. Only since joining Fuel in the last year have I begun to realize that those are not the numbers that matter and start to pay attention to how many hours of sleep I get, the weights that keep increasing on my barbell, how fast I can run that 1 km, how the numbers of banded pull-ups I can do slowly goes up while the height I need for assisted push ups goes down. More than anything, I notice how few times I get sick, how many mornings I wake up feeling great, and how the things that used to feel impossible—biking up that hill on Bathurst, helping a friend move—now feel easy. So so grateful to the incredible folks at Fuel that have made all this possible. The trainers are amazing, the community is super welcoming and the workouts are always challenging.

Gabby Moser

Amazing gym with great programming, instructors and lots of class options! I would highly recommend Fuel!

Katie Traunero

Small Group Classes near Roncesvalles

Fuel Moms has given me the strength and energy I need to keep up with an active baby. It has raised my self esteem and put me in better shape than I was pre-baby. I’ve met so many other like-minded moms through this class and will truly miss the awesome instructors and other mamas when I return to work.

Melissa Da Silva

Best place to workout to guarantee you get fit, have fun and don't get hurt. I highly recommend it. I went from being a couch potato, to their classess, and it was hard, but in 4 months I made huge changes to my physique. I stayed for a year then I moved far away and haven't found anything as great. Do yourself a favour! Get back out there!

Naturopathic Doctor Kaylee Alton

Fuel Training Club is hands down the best gym in the Canada. There isn't another gym in the country that offers the same type of structure that Fuel does. It's not cross fit or powerlifting. It's not the type of gym where you come in and workout on your own. They have extremely knowledge and friendly trainers that guide you through each session with proper technique to prevent injury. As a guy, if you're keen on having a healthy looking, built, lean, athletic frame, I would highly recommend Fuel. It's also very CLEAN. It is not dirty looking or grungy. Go Fuel yourself.

Paul Wells

Small Group Classes near Roncesvalles

Love these classes! As a mom of two, I’ve tried lots of classes aimed at new moms but found fuel moms to be the best for delivering a great workout that also helped with postpartum recovery. I’ve learned (the hard way) that there is more to it than jumping back into excercising as before... these ladies provide great guidance and really know their stuff!

Jenny Daly

I love the small group format. Completely changed the way I was working out. I do more and get better results 3x a week in their 50 min classes than I ever did on my own. Can't say enough about the trainers - top notch, friendly, safe and fun.

Rob De Franco

Best Specialty Gym in Toronto hands down. Great trainers, people, workouts and results.

Nicholas Wiktorczyk

Small Group Classes near Roncesvalles

Fuel Moms is an amazing class that accommodates our crazy mom lives. The classes allow me to get in a decent workout of full movements that cater to my every post-partum need, strength and drive. My baby, meanwhile, is happily nearby either sleeping, rolling, “sharing” toys, “talking” with the other babies, or being held by the very helpful instructors or, ultimately, nursed by me in this very mom-friendly environment. The instructors are knowledgeable and motivating, as are the other moms I’ve met. I would definitely recommend this class to all moms looking to get out and move.

Elizabeth Anton

This place is the worst. The trainers know way to much about everything to do with training. They make you warm up, ughh. Then you sweat your ass off and get grief for socializing with great peeps. Once you're done sweating they throw you on a human hamster wheel (the curve) and make you run just so they can say "you got curved". Bull*#%^!! I'd go back though.

Jokes aside. Best program in the game. Get your ass on the curve.


Peter Adrian

With world-class trainers, challenging and diverse workouts for all fitness levels, clean facilities and some of the friendliest members, Fuel has absolutely become my second home. It is more of a lifestyle than a gym and has made fitness a given in my daily routine. Thank you for teaching me to #bebetter each and every day!!!

Rose Thuringer

Small Group Classes near Roncesvalles

I love Fuel Moms and attention the program emphasizes on the areas I really need to focus on after having a baby. The instructors are wonderful, and the program is customized so I can go at a pace that I felt comfortable with. Each class is different, and it's a wonderful opportunity to meet other moms. I truly feel energized when I leave class

Kate Turner

Not only are the trainers helpful and friendly, the workouts are always different and challenging. The community of people really help make the classes fun and there is always an opportunity to meet the members of the different locations at various events. Couldn't imagine my life without Fuel!

Kate Moss

Fuel Training Club is a group personal training gym that is focused on both short-term results, and long-term health and fitness lifestyle improvements. The intimiate small group setting allows for plenty of individual attention from trainers and for a challenging competitive atmosphere. As a highly active person and a former varsity athlete, I have been through several training programs, and have never been challenged more than at Fuel Training Club. Fuel is not only a great club, but a great community of trainers and athletes focused on long-term sustainable health and fitness, and having a lot of fun along the way.

Tim Hayos

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